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Day of Mourning Demonstration 1938

These resources are compiled to assist HSC students in Aboriginal Studies Stage 6 and are regularly updated.

For Australia Day 1938, the Aboriginal Progressive Association and the Aboriginal Advancement League organised a Day of Mourning (external website) with a public meeting at the Australia Hall in the city of Sydney. Photo: News Limited. Source: Aboriginal images kit DET 1993.

The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (external website) (NSW AECG Inc) is an Aboriginal Community Controlled, Independent, Not-for-Profit Advocacy group.
"The AECG advocates cultural affirmation, integrity and the pursuit of equality to ensure that the unique and diverse identity of Aboriginal people and students is recognised and valued." (NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (external website))

A consortium led by the Aboriginal Education Council of NSW, the NSW Department of Education and Communities, and the NSW Office of the Board of Studies has developed a resource book for Aboriginal Studies.It brings together a range of resources, interpretations, debates and perspectives for students to draw upon, providing a framework for discussions and concepts in order to resource teachers to teach a contemporary course. For more information visit Aboriginal Education Council NSW Inc (external website).

News and events

Aborigine News (external website)
ABC Online Indigenous News (external website)
ABC Message Stick events (external website)
AIATSIS news (external website)
The Apology by Prime Minister Rudd (external website)

Timelines and chronologies

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Educational Website (external website) (NATSIEW) has a comprehensive list of chronologies and timelines.

General sites

Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library (external website)
Indigenous Australian WWW Resource Directory (external website)
Digital Elder project –The Story Within (external website)
Through our eyes Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge Past Present Future (external website)
Kanyini (external website)
Freedom Rides - 40 Years On (external website)
Creative Spirits Aboriginal book store (external website)
Australian Indigenous cultural heritage (external website)
Mabo (external website)

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