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Environmental considerations for designers and society: Non-renewable resources

HSC Outcome 2.2: Evaluates the impact of design and innovation on society and the environment.

Student Activity

1. The CSIRO (external website) provides the most current information regarding research and implementation of renewable energy strategies in Australia. Type renewable energy into the search box to find the latest developments.

Learn about these by clicking on each of the example

Storing renewable energy (external website)

Geothermal (external website)

Energy for buildings (external website)

Efficient energy management (external website)

Biofuels (external website)

2. Explore the benefits of the Zero Emissions House (external website) on the CSIRO website.  Create a mind- map using Word 2007 to outline the benefits of this technology on the environment.  See the example below to get you started.

Emission graphic

3. Read the Greenhouse Effect document (external website) and answer the following questions.

a. Describe in your own words what is meant by the greenhouse effect.

b. If there is a naturally occurring greenhouse effect, why is there a problem today?

c. What gases are associated with the greenhouse effect?

d. How do we generate greenhouse gases (external website) in our society?

e. How can the designer contribute to a reduction in the greenhouse effect (external website)

Further Activities

  1. Discuss the impact of the greenhouse effect on our environment.

  2. Analyse the types of resources used in the development and realisation of your Major Design Project.

  3. Are any of the resources used in your Major Design Project potentially harmful to the environment? Explain.

  4. Discuss the actions that the Australian Government is taking to address the Greenhouse problem.

  5. Observe the variety of renewable energy companies profiled by the Alternative Technology Association (external website) 
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